Northern Suburbs Training & Obedience Dog Club
Perth, Western Australia
Northern Suburbs Training & Obedience Dog Club


We hold puppy classes for dogs aged 8-16 weeks.

When can I bring my puppy down to join?

If your puppy is 8 weeks and older and has had at least a C3 vaccination (C5 if over 16 weeks), please feel free to come down any Sunday that we train and join in.

Puppies aged between 8 and 16 weeks have their own class in the fenced dog pens.

Puppies older than 16 weeks will join our normal obedience classes, which train at the same time as the puppy classes (puppies 16 weeks or older must have had a C5 vaccination). We cater for all ages.

All dogs need to be enrolled online before joining in every Sunday that we train. Once you have enrolled, you can collect your membership card from the van before class. Try to arrive a little early, as it can be very busy at the van. Please note that to ensure the wellbeing of all the dogs at the club, you will need to present your dog's vaccination certificates (C3 minimum) at time of enrolment. dog pic

As we do not run semesters or training blocks, you can join any Sunday and start training on the same day.

What do the classes cover?

Puppy classes cover socialisation, temperament training and simple obedience training. A senior instructor may decide some dogs should remain in the class longer if they need special help. Puppies will progress to class 1A once they are 16 weeks old. Puppies aged 17-18 weeks will attend puppy class for one week for assessment of temperament.

What should I bring to training?

  • A good quality wet food such as polony, cheese, sausage, chicken cut into small pieces (smells better to your dog). Whatever your dog absolutely loves but doesn’t get on a regular basis at home. After all - this is positive re-enforcement training. Please don't use plastic bags for the treats but some form of treat pouch (available from the van) as plastic bags can be all too easily swallowed by your puppy or dog. Dogs should have only a light breakfast before training if required; Puppies should be fed as normal. They will work much better for you and more importantly – not get too fat!
  • Collar and lead - ensure the collar is suited to the size of your puppy (no check/chocker chains, halties are okay).
  • Water - for both dog and owner.
  • Dog toy - for a break in training.
  • Sunscreen and hat.

Children may attend puppy classes under the supervision of an adult.



Early start puppy classes commence on the first Sunday in October at 8am and continue until the end of March. We start early ar this time of year to escape the worst of the heat.


Late start puppy classes commence on the first Sunday in April at 9am and continue through to the first Sunday in October.

The Puppy’s Rule of 12

Please read this article for some advice on what a puppy should experience in the first 12 weeks of its life.